Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiles make up the majority of the tile floors we see.  These tiles are manufactured in a myriad of colors, textures, sheens and styles.  They can be a simple single color or made to look like natural stones like marble, slate, travertine or limestone.

P1010844 - 1 - before cleaning

Dirty ceramic tile and grout.

This type of tile is an excellent choice for many people.  These tiles are nearly impossible to stain and are very durable.

The weak link to a ceramic or porcelain tile is the grout.  The grout that is meant to bond the tiles together in order to protect the tiles and to protect the surface under the tile.

Most grout is basically just cement that has been colored.

After!  Green Trails, Katy, TX

After! Green Trails, Katy, TX

Grout texture makes it susceptible to collecting dirt, cleaning chemicals, food, etc.  To make matters worse, your grout is also porous.  Porous substances absorb liquids.  Now if the liquid is clear, like water, the grout will dry to the same color it was before.  However, if the liquid is dark like coffee, tea, red wine, or kool-aid, the grout might permanently stain.  The longer the liquid sits on the grout the deeper the liquid will penetrate into the grout.

We can easily correct embedded dirt, grease, food, cleaning residue, but stains can be difficult to impossible to remove.

In the event our restoration process is unable to remove the stains and color inconsistencies in your grout, we may be able to apply a colored sealant to your grout that will make it look like new.  Additionally, this grout will be protected from stains in the future!