“Perhaps you should call a professional!”

I recently took a call from a potential customer who lived a little too far for us to travel.  Even in circumstances where we can’t make a home visit, I’ll try to answer questions and be as helpful as possible.  I like helping people solve their problems, and I’ll do my best to ascertain their […]

Why Master Tile and Grout Cleaning?

Recently, a customer asked me to give her a quote for cleaning the tile in a home she was going to be putting up for sale.  When I pulled up to the potential customer’s home there were already two other cleaning vans in front of her house.  So, not only was she getting multiple estimates, […]

Can I clean my tile and grout myself?

Unfortunately for us, it is entirely possible for you to clean your own tile and grout.  Keep reading and you’ll see how to accomplish this task yourself!  With that said, there are tiles that are certainly more difficult to clean than others. For instance, tiles surfaces that are highly textured are much more difficult to […]

Friends don’t let friends apply topical sealers!

Thanks for stopping by!  Today, I want to discuss an issue we see over and over again with homeowners experiences with topical sealers. First of all, let me explain what a topical sealer is. It is a liquid that is mopped onto a floor and when it dries it creates a film over the floor. […]

Can you clean that spot again? Anatomy of a stain…

Occasionally, we get a customer who asks us to re-clean a certain spot because they think we must have missed it the first time. In order to set the homeowner’s expectations, we like to do a test cleaning around one tile during the quotation process.  The test tile allows us to determine what method of […]

To Seal or Not to Seal….?

That is a great question! Maybe you’ve just put in a new tile floor, perhaps you’re getting ready to move into your new home or maybe you are getting ready to have your floor professionally cleaned.  Of course you want to protect your investment, but you’ve been told the grout doesn’t need be sealed (usually […]