“Perhaps you should call a professional!”

I recently took a call from a potential customer who lived a little too far for us to travel.  Even in circumstances where we can’t make a home visit, I’ll try to answer questions and be as helpful as possible.  I like helping people solve their problems, and I’ll do my best to ascertain their issues.

She went on to complain that her grout lines in her master bathroom were very dark even though the floor was only a few years old.  Typically, master bathrooms don’t get as dirty as quickly as kitchens do.  They just don’t get the heavy foot traffic and regular spills.  The dirty grout in master bathrooms is primarily caused by the tile cleaning methods being utilized.

I asked her how the floor was being cleaned, and she explained that no soaps or detergents were used on the floor (which is good).  She went on to explain that her maids only used a steam mop to clean.  Unfortunately, steam mops will leave the floor pretty wet (I’m not a fan of steam mops).  I explained that the moisture left in the grout will attract the dust floating in the air.  This dust then settles nicely in the grout.  The next time the floor is cleaned more dust will accumulate in the grout lines.  Over many weeks/years, the grout will absolutely turn colors.  I recommended she have her maids vacuum the floor, steam clean the floor and then dry the floor with towels.  If she followed this process after her grout was professionally cleaned, it would stay looking good for a long time.

Her response was priceless.  She replied, “I don’t believe that.”

To which I responded, “I’m just trying to help – perhaps you should call a professional!”

If you don’t want my opinion, don’t ask.  She should probably call the guy who will clean your carpets, tile, air ducts, dryer vents, windows, refrigerators, gutters, and your dog.  He probably knows what he is doing!